$150/month - One (1) 30 minute session per week

(Unlimited classes INCLUDED!)

Testimonial from a current client....

$240 month - Two (2) 30 minute sessions per week
(Unlimited classes INCLUDED!)

$275/month - Two (2) 45 minute sessions per week

(Unlimited classes INCLUDED!)

  personal  Training 

  • I am deeply committed to changing my life, my fitness and my health.
  • I will let go of the excuses and try my absolute best.
  • I am sick and sick of being sick and tired.
  • I have no plans to travel for at least three (3) months.
  • I am open to trying whatever it takes to change my life.
  • My excellent health is worth effort and sacrifice.

TOTAL COMMITMENT training is for the individual who answers "YES!" to the following:

One on one personal training is the answer you are looking for. 

A trainer guides and assists you in developing an efficient schedule while motivating you to achieve the absolute best results.

We start by doing an assessment of where you are today, then create a workout and food plan tailored to your schedule and needs. 

We will monitor your eating patterns to find out where better choices can be made to enhance your progress!

  • Are you trying to lose weight but struggling on your own?
  • Do you want to tone up but haven't found a program that keeps your interest?
  • Are you looking for guidance on your form and want to maximize your time?


$210/month - Two (2) 30 minute sessions per week
No classes with this option

$225/month - One (1) 45 minute session per week

(Unlimited classes INCLUDED!)

   commitment Training



Training Fees:

Hourly Session - $60

Discounted Rate for Monthly Payments

Stay on track and see quicker results when you invest in yourself AND attend those free classes!

Total commitment means just that. 

This programming is divided into 3 month intervals.  Prior to being accepted into this program, the client may participate in a trial month where we determine if Commitment Training is the best route to take. 

After you and the trainer make the decision to move forward with Commitment, you will spend two months training 3x per week and participating in other exercise activities inside and/or outside the studio. The third month, trainings can decrease to 2x per week but you participate in activities (i.e. classes or other fitness interests) outside trainings as we transition to a life-style change. 

At the conclusion of those three months, we evaluate progress and decide what direction to take moving forward.

I will be as committed to you as you are to this program!  Pricing is based on (3) trainings per week to start at 45 minute sessions.   Please call or email for more information on this training.