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Program Fee:  $100


Program Fee:  $100

Getting healthy, fit and losing body fat can be grueling.  For people who work full-time, finding the hours in the day to exercise and eat mindfully makes healthy living all the more daunting. 

But it can be done!

"What It Takes"  is a fun, informative and engaging workshop that your employees will enjoy.  Your staff will be involved in the learning process and motivated to practice healthy eating habits and include exercise in their lives.  People who eat right and work out tend to call off work for illnesses less frequently.  This, of course, leads to a decrease in business costs across the board. 

Greater than the company's cost savings is the benefit of having a happy and energized staff making the work environment more positive!

Enjoy and learn a variety of yoga poses that stretch and calm the body and mind.  Find out how to incorporate these types of stretches into your day and how they can aid in soothing the body and mind in tense situations.

We will talk about the origins and benefits of yoga, techniques to reduce tightness and managing stress so that each person can create a peaceful environment at work and at home.

Finally, learn how to "turn off" tense areas of the body to help relax and enjoy a good nights' sleep.

A relaxation segment is always included with this program.  You and your employees will feel energized, relaxed and CALM.  This program can be done using chairs or mats.