Are you new to yoga and interested in learning more?


Tuesday, September 8th

6:30 - 8 p.m.


Sometimes people are hesitant to begin a yoga class.  They believe they aren't flexible enough or are nervous about being new.  Yoga is an ancient practice that roots itself in calmness and non-judgment.  Even those who have never done yoga should feel confident to participate. 

For those who would like to learn more or try yoga in a beginner's setting, a basic's class in a nice way to start.  Learn more about yoga, try a variety of poses and have your questions answered in a gentle, peaceful atmosphere.   

Yoga Basics is a fun workshop designed to help each person feel comfortable with yoga.  Even if you have tried yoga in the past, Yoga Basics can assist you in moving deeper in your understanding of the practice and the poses. 

Relax, build strength and flexibility and find out how letting go of your concerns and worries can help you sleep better, move better and feel better!

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Bringing the benefits of calming the mind, training the body and proper eating habits to the workplace. 

Balance Strength offers two fun programs for your staff.

Combining breath, body and mind, yoga is beneficial for increasing flexibility, strength, balance, awareness and peacefulness.


Personal training

fitness classes


One on one training can motivate and assist you to achieving your fitness and health goals

Group classes provide camaraderie, motivation and FUN to keep you interested and showing up!

Personal training at a higher level.  This training is designed for the client who has the ultimate tenacity and time to focus on their goals.


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